Interview with Jon Wright, Design Director

February 20, 2023

Hello Jon! Tell me a bit about yourself and why you became interested in design?

No problem. I’m Jon Wright – a bald, bearded Yorkshireman, born in Cheshire, originating from a family of Geordies.

My earliest recollection of graphic design was a conversation with my grandad when I was very young. I used to draw obsessively and he told me there was money to be made with this skill – like producing the illustrations and wording on Cornflakes packaging. I always noticed film posters and book jackets, their compositions and typography. The endless variations fascinated me.

So now you’re older and wiser, what or who inspires you creatively?

Saul Bass and Paul Rand are my original design heroes – I love the combination of purity of idea with bold colours. Bass’ constantly fresh title sequences in particular, for directors like Hitchcock and Scorsese, are echoed today by designers like Saskia Marka, who worked on Babylon Berlin and The Queen’s Gambit, which was brought to life so beautifully by David Whyte (Bees and Bombs). Watch the link below with the sound on loud (it gives me goosebumps):

Music inspires me too and I always work with music on to help me focus, with multiple playlists for different moods and environments. However, my taste is quite ‘eclectic’ so I have to be selective in what gets played in the studio so as not to reveal my guilty pleasures (I save those for the headphones!).

Wise move! What was your first impression of Hunter and why did you decide to join?

They’re brilliant people. There’s genuinely not a single person who isn’t friendly, helpful, hard-working and ego-free. There can be passionate discussions about work at all levels to achieve the best possible outcome, but I’ve not seen any personality clashes whatsoever – and that’s rare.

When my recruiter mentioned, several months into my ‘Hunter journey’, that Hunter were looking for a Design Director, I couldn’t turn down the opportunity. The conversation just felt right. I’ve worked at agencies where they talk the talk, but at Hunter, there is genuine integrity and they achieve great results. Again, that’s rare.

That’s great to hear. What has been your favourite Hunter project and what was your involvement?

Camden Goods Yard and Grand Union. Both are amazing places and demanded distinctive, fresh place-brands.

Collaborative teamwork with Client Services and open dialogue with the client meant we were able to produce excellent work on both projects. In particular, the materials produced for Grand Union were extremely well received by the marketing teams and some of the most effective they’ve ever worked with.

Now for a curveball… as we’re in the business of place-making and branding, if you were a branded product in the supermarket, what would you be and why?

Just for Men Moustache and Beard. Not sure why, it’s just a feeling….

Finally, where do you see yourself and Hunter in the next five years?

I see Hunter’s offer evolving further into the digital and physical realms; we are already beginning to expand our skillset in this area. We have the people, passion and skills to keep improving.

I see myself as part of this growth and, as my dad would say when we’d ask where we were going on our weekly Sunday afternoon family drives, “We’re going there – see what happens.”

That’s brilliant. Thanks very much for telling us about yourself, Jon.


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