Private dog parks – a barking mad trend?

April 2, 2024

A recent article in Monocle magazine caught our eye. It quoted an August 2023 US Chamber of Commerce article about the economic significance of the pet humanisation trend and references DOG PPL in Los Angeles (where else?!), the city’s first canine social club. 

In recent years, private dog parks have emerged as a popular trend in the United States, catering to dog owners seeking exclusive and controlled environments for their furry companions to play and socialise. These parks offer various amenities such as fenced-in areas, agility equipment, and designated play zones, ensuring a safe and enjoyable experience for both dogs and their owners.

One driving force behind the rise of private dog parks is the increasing urbanisation and densification of communities, which often leads to limited green spaces and overcrowded public parks. Private dog parks provide a solution to this problem by offering a more intimate and secure setting for dogs to roam freely without the risk of encountering aggressive animals or crowded conditions.

Additionally, the desire for socialisation and interaction among dog owners has contributed to the popularity of private dog parks, as they often host events, training sessions, and social gatherings for members to connect and bond over their shared love for dogs.

A barking mad idea or one that we might see emerge in the UK? Well, according to the World Population Review, the % of dogs per capita in the US is 19.05% whilst in the UK it is 17.66%. So, quite similar and the emotional connection is bound to also be similar. 

With an increasing number of dog owners seeking safe and controlled environments for their pets to exercise and socialise, the demand for private dog parks in the UK could very well follow suit. However, factors such as land availability, regulatory considerations, and cultural differences may influence the pace and scale of this trend's adoption in the UK compared to the US.

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