London Square

An epic journey

How do you brand the spirit of evolution? After 10 years in business, London Square’s old brand was no match for the company’s impressive growth trajectory. The company were on an epic journey and looked to Hunter to help unlock their next phase.

It was time for a complete brand refresh. We set out to find a brand identity that could stretch as London Square continues to grow and add new sub-brands to its portfolio.

To find the true essence of London Square, we asked questions. Lots of them. We started by interviewing key business stakeholders, employees, architects, and PR teams, collaborating in a close client partnership. Equipped with these insights, we applied our Brand Identity Model to distil the London Square core brand, creating a powerful essence: ‘evoking the spirits of the great London squares’ and brand proposition: ‘London Square, making London greater’. With this strong foundation, we then created a brand playbook and brand architecture that can be applied across a range of new business branches and flex
over time.

The new brand proposition feels authentic and aspirational at the same time, capturing the company’s spirit of evolution while leaving plenty of room for growth.


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