Glasswater Locks

A new destination on the map of Birmingham

What happens when past and future collide? Set between Birmingham’s post-industrial East side and the vibrant Learning Quarter, Berkeley St Joseph wanted to turn its latest development into a new destination on the map of Birmingham.

The site’s contrasting credentials offered a complex challenge. How do you brand a site that features multiple influences, both past and present, both tranquil and bustling?

Every placemaking process at Hunter starts with our place branding framework, PAVE®. We facilitated client workshops to find a vision that spoke to the site’s biggest strengths: ‘to transform a hidden gem of Birmingham’s industrial heritage by creating a distinctive and well-connected canal-side place’. Comfortably straddling past and future, no longer fighting it, this vision then influenced everything we created. Referencing the historic Belmont Glassworks but framing that around the calming effect of water, a beautiful new name was born: Glasswater Locks. We then created a compelling visual identity and rolled it out across all marketing touchpoints.

Breathing life back into the historic canal-side, Glasswater Locks has become a new and exciting destination on the map of Birmingham. Both a reflective place to relax and situated in the buzz of the UK’s lively second city.


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