Royal Arsenal Riverside

The art of longevity

Which came first, the brand or the place? On the banks of the Thames, in the heart of historic Woolwich, Royal Arsenal Riverside’s ambitious regeneration project has been going strong for two decades and counting. But even successful regenerators aren’t immune to regenerating themselves. Enter Hunter for a full strategic and creative rebrand.

The concept came first: Royal Arsenal Riverside as a complete place-brand. Not a simple development brand. But a fully-fledged place where residents and visitors experience the brand as much in the physical and digital worlds as they do through important sales touchpoints.

A vision was necessary to guide our story. It needed to evoke the past while unlocking the joy of riverside living for the future. Using our place branding framework, PAVE®, we found it: ‘An historic past. An exciting present. A dynamic future.’ Working collaboratively with the client team, we mapped out consumer insights and environmental touchpoints to inspire the reimagination of this new brand world. We worked to build a brand that was relevant, playful, and active – bursting with life for each person who encounters it. This was then rolled out and evolved across a comprehensive mix of residential and commercial collateral for Royal Arsenal Riverside. Or, we should say, RAR.

The result? A relevant and, most importantly, inspiring rebrand that’s strong enough to sail long into the 2020s (and beyond).


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