Farnborough Airport

Nothing short
of spectacular

How about we try something different? Farnborough Airport – the ultimate private aviation gateway to London – was looking for a way to differentiate itself from the industry standard. With various legacy elements at odds with its true identity, Farnborough needed a more authentic brand positioning. 

Luxury aviation brands can have a similar look and feel. But Farnborough was open to doing something more unexpected.

We got to work unlocking the airport’s true identity to tease out the right visual language and tone of voice. Rejecting the clichés of aviation, we proposed a new visual identity that speaks to the pilots, the crew, and most importantly, the passengers who inhabit this glamorous world. The elegant black and white design and a dynamic typographic flair – a nod to the landmark architecture – cleverly tied all production elements together.

The result is a brand identity that just feels… different. Cinematic, sleek, noir – language traditionally more in keeping with an issue of Vogue than the world of aviation. Farnborough Airport now sounds, looks, and feels like the seamless and striking
brand it is.

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